Carlie Terradez co-founder of Terradez Ministries

Carlie Terradez is an international speaker, author, wife, and mother of three amazing children. Shortly after her ordination by Andrew Wommack, Carlie became the co-founder of Terradez Ministries.

Carlie's life is a testimony to the miraculous power of God. She has been supernaturally healed from numerous life-threatening conditions, including epilepsy, and has also seen her terminally ill three-year-old daughter instantly recover. Carlie is passionate about helping others receive healing and walk in the abundant life that Jesus has provided for them.

Ashley Terradez co-founder of Terradez Ministries

Ashley Terradez, President and founder of Terradez Ministries, is an international speaker, author, husband, father, and ministry leader. Shortly after his ordination by Andrew Wommack, he founded Terradez Ministries.

His humor and practical down-to-earth teaching communicate biblical principles in an accessible manner. Ashley is an expert in the Biblical principles of finances and faith and passionately teaches people the invaluable skill of making money God's way. Ashley's humorous and energetic teaching style is captivating and yet extremely practical, inspiring people to make money with integrity and honesty so that they can live and give abundantly.

Andrew Wommack president & founder of Andrew Wommack Ministries

Andrew has been in ministry for more than fifty years, written nearly forty books, and is passionate about teaching the simple, yet powerful, Gospel Truth! He founded Charis Bible College in 1994, which has grown to more than fifty campuses worldwide.

His Gospel Truth television show emphasizes God's unconditional love and grace and is broadcast around the globe. Andrew is also the president of the Truth & Liberty Coalition, an organization that seeks to educate, unify, and mobilize believers to impact culture and effect godly change on important social issues. Andrew and his wife, Jamie, have been married for more than 50 years.

BJ & Lisa Sullivan pastors of Freedom Christian Center

BJ and Lisa serve as the Pastors of Freedom Church, leading the congregation deeper into God's presence through the word, worship, and community.

As a husband-wife duo on acoustic guitar and keys. BJ and Lisa write songs and worship together in that way that only people who really know and love each other well can. BJ and Lisa desire for everyone who comes to worship with them to have an encounter with God, and through this encounter, see their needs met spiritually, physically, and emotionally as they rejoice in His presence together.

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